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Emotional Health Programme


Self-care and looking after ourselves is something that we don't always prioritise. The aim of this programme is to help you create and embed healthy habits, for you, that will support your emotional health. We will focus on foods, recipes and lifestyle changes that can help support your energy, mood, sleep and stress levels.

What is included in the programme?

  • 4 week programme

  • Individual video call minute with Laura at beginning of programme. This will be an opportunity to chat about your goals, food likes and dislikes and your health journey.

  • 4 week meal plan, recipe pack and shopping list. This will be tailored to the theme and aims for the week.

  • 4 Emotion Health videos. 

  • Weekly group video calls (optional) to get to know the group better, share experiences and ideas.

  • Closed Facebook group. This is a great tool to come together as a group, meet like-minded people, share experiences and foods that you are enjoying.  

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