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Calm Sea

Gut Health

Do you finally want to get to the bottom of your gut symtpoms?

Then you need to identify the root cause.

If you are wondering if Nutritional therapy could be right for you, have a read through these statements. 

  • Have you been to your GP about your symptoms, perhaps referred to a specialist and had their recommended tests done and you were told nothing showed up?

  • Do you get irregular bowel movements, unexplained bloating, gut pain or discomfort, excess flatulence or a feeling of acid reflux or heart burn?

  • Do you avoid certain foods or have followed 'diets' over the years?

  • Do you avoid social events or long car journeys because you don't know where the nearest toilet will be?

If you have answered 'yes' to these questions you are in the right place. 

Your body

It's more than just gut health

When we work with clients to support their gut health it is common that other body systems are needing some extra support too. 

We often see

- Low energy or fatigue.

- Lowered immune system.

- Hormonal imbalances.

- A 'stressed' body.

- Low mood.

- Brain fog, poor concentration or poor memory.

- Poor sleep.

- A poor relationship with food. 

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