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Clinical Testing

  • Do you feel that you react badly to certain foods?

  • Do you feel you have a sensitive digestive system, suffer from constipation or diarrhoea and have had medical investigations to be told it is likely to be IBS?

  • Do you feel your skin symptoms worsen with stress or with certain foods?

  • Have you had your thyroid levels checked and been told the levels are within normal range or borderline but you would like to investigate this further?

  • Are you curious if your genetics is playing a part in your health or are you starting to see health symptoms that a family member has?



Popular Tests


Gut Health and Microbiome 

This stool test looks at the bigger picture of your gut health. We are looking for imbalances and areas that we can support with nutritional interventions, including specific pre and pro biotics. 



Nutrigenomics testing is a one off test looking at your genes, the genes that we can support with nutritional and lifestyle interventions. This can be a golden nugget to understand your body. You may be curious due to family medical history or have a health condition and this can give us some clues to your genetic predisposition. 


Functional blood test

Functional blood tests can give us clear information to get to the root cause of your health condition. These tests are useful alongside a nutrigenomics test or as a stand alone. 

Coming Soon

You will soon be able to purchase the tests that we use without having to have an introductory call with Laura.

In the meantime, if you are interesting in functional testing please get in touch and we will discuss the options with you. 

  • Stool testing

  • Food intolerance testing

  • Functional blood tests

  • Hormone testing

  • Nutrigenomics testing

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