"Lockdown has been difficult to everyone.  Some of us where strong enough to face and some are not. I belong to latter. I was always had anxiety but the lockdown increased it in a large scale. I was always on a panic and anxiety mode, which affected my sleep and led to overeating.  Eventually I gained 13kilos. My BP levels were always high, always stressed, feeling lethargic and horrible mood swings. I realised my body is showing signs and screaming for help. I met Laura, we spoke for few mins and she immediately understood what I was going through and agreed to help me.

Laura gave excellent suggestions to get good nights rest. Initially I was hesitant thinking I may not follow through. But over the past few weeks I am able to drift off to sleep quickly and get peaceful sleep. All the credit goes to Laura for her support.

When I first saw the meal plan I was amazed with the variety of recipes and effort she had taken to customise for my palette. I have enjoyed every recipe she had given me especially snacks. They were all delicious and my kids love them. I not only enjoyed eating all the healthy and nutritious meal, but also loved preparing them. They were all quick, convenient and easy. The most important part is that I am able to batch cook everything and freeze them.

I could see my mood was getting better as I followed the sleep routine and healthy meal plan. I started feeling more energetic and active. There are days when I couldn't avoid my emotions and stress and I just wanted to go back to eating comfort food. I am so glad I dint revert back to my old self, the credit goes to Laura. She was always there for me when I needed her. She listened to me patiently and always made me feel that I can achieve healthy and happy lifestyle. Even in the future I am confident that I wont go back to my unhealthy lifestyle.  .

After 11weeks of working with her, I am able to portion out any recipe and also prepare my own meal plan with delicious healthy meals. I cant thank her enough for helping me become my better self. I highly recommend Laura.  She is the best."

D. Ramamurthy

"After many years of going round in circles with "diets" I had almost given up on ever being healthier for the long term. I would go all guns blazing into a new routine and as soon as I slipped up it be a rapid downward spiral. I knew Laura was passionate about nutrition and a busy working mum of two so I felt she could understand how busy my life is and she was the best person to ask for advice. I am so glad I finally bit the bullet and asked for her help. It was exciting, overwhelming and scary all at the same time starting this lifestyle change. Laura was great at really listening to my individual needs and tailoring a plan to suit my lifestyle. The kids have also been enjoying the new recipes which is an added bonus!  She was always there when I had those wobbly days with words of encouragement. I soon noticed I had more energy, was enjoying new foods and feeling better in myself. The best bit about this journey is this is a sustainable lifestyle. Sure I will have days where I find it doesn't all go to plan ( I normally really like a plan) but with Lauras guidance I've realised that's ok. I now have the tools to get me through and I  celebrate the small wins. I would definitely recommend speaking to Laura if you are fed up and need a tailored plan to suit your needs."

Debbie, Aberdeenshire


"Laura has been helping me with health, nutrition and wellbeing for the past few months. I cannot praise her highly enough, Laura's knowledge and understanding is top class, and the menu's and recipes have been great as well."


"Working with Laura has made such a difference to my overall health. I would never imagined I would feel so much better in just 6 weeks. Laura is easy to talk to, extremely supportive and very knowledgable. She constantly goes above and beyond in her job. I also loved the variety of easy recipes that she gave me.
I would highly recommend Laura to anyone."

Caroline, Inverness

"I’ve absolutely loved working with Laura! She was able to identify really quickly from our conversations that my biggest challenge with healthy eating/losing weight has been that I generally just don’t prioritise myself or my health. When I was able to make the connection and consciously decide to put myself first, it made a huge difference.

The meal plans and recipes were exactly to my taste and although Laura always checked to see if I would like anything changed, I was always delighted with the options. Not too complicated or lengthy either. Perfect for my lifestyle with two young kids and a partner who never want to eat the same things!

I loved that we covered all aspects of health and well-being, not just diet. We talked about sleep, exercise and self care too. It was really interesting, and a bit of a lightbulb moment for me, to realise just how closely all those things are connected and how much one can affect another.

Thank you Laura! I think you are amazing!"


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